Madame Monroe is our September Angel of The Month. This petite beauty talks about her career, sex, and more. She visits the woods and strips out her black lingerie for you. You will fall in love with this beauty.

Madame Monroe

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Q1 What type of music do you like? I like every type of music, but rock is my favorite genre.
Q3 Are you reading anything interesting? I am currently reading The 5 Love Languages. Which expresses how everyone loves differently.
Q4 Do you have any favorite authors? My all-time favorite author is Janet Evanovich, she writes humorous yet romantic books. R.h. Sin is another favorite, he writes poetry.
Q5 Did anyone inspire you to become a model? The models from America’s Next Top Model inspired me to become a model when I was a young girl.
Q6 What other talents do you have? I can read a novel, or a few, in a day if given the opportunity, I’m empathetic, I can learn a song, I’ll always give my all
Q15 What your ideal perfect date? My ideal perfect date is to start with a movie, followed by an outdoor event in the sunset, after grabbing an ice cream, as we’re invested in the conversation, we gaze at the stars. The night ends with a gentle kiss.


  • Photo and Video by: Media Erotica NV
  • Edited by: Dream Angel Mag/Elite Angels Magazine

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