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  1. Been through it all ! Never gave up, yet here I am still strutting my stuff! Tune in Sunday 9 PM ! An in depth interview about it all, how she continued on through all of her falls ! Her truths and people will be exposed! Kitty for the 1st time ever takes the center stage on Radipvegas.rocks. 3 years in the making! A tell all episode.

  2. I have had the pleasure of meeting this lovely intelligent elegant lady and had an moving conversation about our personal memorys and the things we have help done and why we have did then. This amazing woman has truly respired me to go this extra distance and start to be interested I’m my own self worth and purpose in life. I’m truly blessed and honored to have the opportunity to call her my true friend. 🙂

  3. If you want something done and done right, Karla is your girl. Her looks and her ability to make you feel wanted are unmatched in society. I wish everyone could witness her strength.

  4. Karla is a verbal rollercoaster with no lap bar. In fact, You’d be more likely to get a lap dance although she graces the clubs as only a spectator! If you’re looking for a reverent material with no filter, a chance to learn a few things, and also laugh your a** off, her Sunday night Internet program on http://www.radioVegas.rocks is a must see.

  5. Karla Kitty Force. Is a Rock Star ? and upcoming major force in the Radio & Entertainment Industry. Continue making it happen, I’m a fan. Las Vegas will benefit from you. 🙂

    Victor Grogan
    VG Star Promotions – Dallas Miami Las Vegas

  6. I Seen Where She Started And To See You Now Is Amazing She is loyal, funny, And one of the most strong willed and committed individuals I ever got the chance of talking to Keep up the amazing job

  7. Unbeknownst to Karla “reurrr” kitty, even b4 meeting each other…..She had been anointed to save my soul…After an onslaught of renegade trials and tribulations, this demi-goddess is so HOT FUNNY, entertaining AND genuine that you wanna be around her ALL THE TIME. They don’t make them like that anymore that’s for damn sure !!

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